Articles studying the impact of COVID-19

We’ve been writing up a storm! 

Only five months after starting our collaborative project, many of our autoethnographic renderings were already published in the journal Qualitative Inquiry. These pieces, filled with images, poetry, sharp analyses, and keen seensibilities, contribute to larger cultural understandings about the impact and experience of life in times of global trauma. While starting out as being only focused on COVID, Black Lives Matter protests brought a range of issues to the foreground. Readers will notice the interweaving of the personal impact of a pandemic with larger complex structures of injustice and systemic racism.

This is a full list of the contributions to Qualitative Inquiry. Please see the journal links for full citation information

Massive and Micro Qualitative Inquiry Publication List

Introductory pieces:

Markham, A. N., Harris, A., & Luka, M. E. (2020). Massive and Microscopic Sensemaking During COVID-19 Times. Qualitative Inquiry.

Markham, A., & Harris, A. (2020). Prompts for Making Sense of a Pandemic: The 21-Day Autoethnography Challenge. Qualitative Inquiry.

Contributing essays:

Bolander, B., & Smith, P. (2020). Time Across the Lines: Collaborative Wonderings Under COVID-19. Qualitative Inquiry.

Bozalek, V., Newfield, D., Romano, N., Carette, L., Naidu, K., Mitchell, V., & Noble, A. (2020). Touching Matters: Affective Entanglements in Coronatime. Qualitative Inquiry

Chemi, T. (2020). It Is Impossible: The Teacher’s Creative Response to the Covid-19 Emergency and Digitalized Teaching Strategies. Qualitative Inquiry.

Davis, S. (2020). Perezhivanie, Art, and Creative Traversal: A Method of Marking and Moving Through COVID and Grief. Qualitative Inquiry

DeGarmo, M. B. (2020). Activating Embodied Imagination During COVID-19: A Performative Reflexive Autoethnography. Qualitative Inquiry.

Fitzpatrick, E. (2020). #Plugging Into Hope. Qualitative Inquiry

Fowley, C. (2020). Grief in Times of Corona (Envoi). Qualitative Inquiry.

Harris, A., & Holman Jones, S. (2020). Massive and Microscopic: Autoethnographic Affects in the Time of COVID. Qualitative Inquiry.

Irwin, C. E. (2020). Catching a Break: Accessibility, Empathy, and COVID-19. Qualitative Inquiry.

Lee, S. Y. (2020). Now as a Liminal Space, Writing as a Patchwork: Autoethnographic Reflections on the Self in the Middle of the Pandemic. Qualitative Inquiry

Li, W. (2020). Pause and Forward: Body, Movement, and COVID. Qualitative Inquiry.

Luka, M. E. (2020). Making Video Glitter in the Time of COVID-19. Qualitative Inquiry.

Markham, A. N. (2020). Pattern Recognition: Using Rocks, Wind, Water, Anxiety, and Doom Scrolling in a Slow Apocalypse (to Learn More About Methods for Changing the World). Qualitative Inquiry

Murray, P. (2020). Glossolalalararium Pandemiconium: A Meaningfully Irreverent, Queerelously Autoethnographic Essamblage for Trying Times. Qualitative Inquiry

Pruulmann-Vengerfeldt, P. (2020). The Ways of Knowing the Pandemic With the Help of Prompted Autoethnography. Qualitative Inquiry

Sarkar, S. (2020). Of Late Alarms, Long Queues, and Online Attendances: My Experiences of COVID Time. Qualitative Inquiry

Shelton, S. A. (2020). Entangled Time Hops: Doomsday Clocks, Pandemics, and Qualitative Research’s Responsibility. Qualitative Inquiry

Sreberny, A. (2020). My Room With a World View: Aging and the Paradoxes of Covid 19. Qualitative Inquiry.

Thorndahl, K. L., & Frandsen, L. N. (2020). Logged in While Locked Down: Exploring the Influence of Digital Technologies in the Time of Corona. Qualitative Inquiry.

Torres, L. E. (2020). Straddling Death and (Re)birth: A Disabled Latina’s Meditation on Collective Care and Mending in Pandemic Times. Qualitative Inquiry

Tosca, S. (2020). Replaying the Endless Loop. Qualitative Inquiry

Zheng, S. (Sharon). (2020). Quarantine Life Is Stillness and Dialogue: A Reflective Autoethnography During a Global Pandemic. Qualitative Inquiry

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