Project Archive of the Future Making Research Consortium activities between 2014-2022.

Through a range of ongoing projects, we engage in proactive, future-oriented research.

The Skagen Institute

How might we think differently about our methods to better grapple with the complexity of 21st Century contexts? In 2013, this project was designed by Mads Rehder and Annette Markham to build momentum in the Nordic countries to innovate more radically in research methods for social and humanistic research.

Massive :: Micro :: Sensemaking :: COVID

How is the experience of COVID-19 transforming everyday life? How are we making sense of this moment on both a global and granular scale? Massive_Micro was launched as a research project to respond to the need for critical study of the lived experience and social impacts of the pandemic. This is a time-sensitive, 6-month project to collaboratively  generate rich autoethnographic accounts of the impact of life under pandemic conditions even as these change.

Museum of Random Memory (MoRM)

This project is an ongoing series of interactive exhibitions and workshops performed by an international team of researchers, students, activists, artists, computer scientists. By enacting curation as scientific lab experiments in public spaces, we explore the nexus of digital and material culture with a particular focus on activism and data literacy through critical pedagogy.

From Bones to Bytes

This project focuses on the politics and ethics of digital human remains – the data that we leave behind on the web as we pass away. Within the next three decades alone, approximately 2.7 billion people will die. As many of them will be internet and social media users, they will collectively leave behind an enormous volume of data. The question is what we, as a civilisation, choose to do with these data. Whose digital footprint should be saved and curated?

Creating Future Memory

This project is designed to find and foster innovative methods for preserving digitally-mediated lived experience of 21st Century events. Using interventionist and action research research design, it addresses an urgent concern about regaining control of our future cultural histories.

Produsing Ethics for the digital (near) future

How can academic researchers lend their intellectual strengths and energies to more directly help create better ethical futures?
This project focuses on developing methods for including more future-oriented or speculative elements in studies of socio-technical contexts and relations.

Tracing the Circulation of Communicative Objects

The web thrives on connections of individuals and many use only a few platforms like Twitter or Facebook to share, connect and keep in touch. This project aims to understand this new environment of communication in regard to journalism.

The Institute of (im)Possible Subjects

This collective aims to construct a knowledge commons through and about media and technoscapes, framed by women’s voices and experiences.

Visuality, Culture, Method

Starting from the standpoint that visuality is a central focus in scholarly inquiry, this project group aims to trace and challenge its implications in terms of theory, method, and empirical standards.

Education: The day after tomorrow

This project aims to design, develop and promote innovative theories, methods and practices for fostering technological imagination, innovation and agency in 21st century education.

All the Feels

This research group uses different methodological approaches such as discourse and rhetorical analysis, phenomenological analysis of video material, etc. to collaboratively explore young people’s autoethnographic social media usage accounts.

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