The Future Making Research Consortium (2014-2022) is an initiative to convene people from industry and academia to explore how we’re building possible futures through our everyday activities of talking, researching, curating, writing, and teaching. Consortium is not currently active on this site


This network of researchers brings together people from industry and academia to explore how many of our taken for granted habits of talking about the future become ways of shaping plausible futures. How can we pay better attention to how we define what’s relevant and valuable? How can we intervene in our own habits, to build more sustainable, ethically sensible futures? What do we want to become? Projects and meetings within this network strive to connect practices of inquiry with larger social structures of knowledge and action.


Future Making explores creative and transgressive approaches to thinking about scientific and humanistic inquiry practices. We believe that pushing against established disciplinary, methodological, and epistemological boundaries is essential to building robust attitudes and practices within cultures that are ever more impacted by digital media, global networks of connectivity, and technological mediation.


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