On Pedagogy

by Annette Markham & Sarah Pink

We caught Professors Annette Markham and Sarah Pink at the end of their post production PhD workshop at Moesgaard Museum in July 2016, to ask them to reflect on why they had developed the visuality, culture, and methods course. In this video, they talk about some of their pedagogical motivations and processes.  We hope to capture more of their ideas in upcoming video clips.

Visuality, Culture, Method

This is part of a series of articles by members of the Aarhus University Summer School on Visuality, Culture, & Method. Developed by  Anne Marit Waade (Cultural Transformations Research Unit, Aarhus University); Sarah Pink (Digital Ethnography Research Center, RMIT, Australia), and Annette Markham (Digital Living Research Commons, Aarhus University), this PhD school is held bi-annually, typically at Aarhus University in Denmark. Occasionally, the course travels and is conducted by guest professors.

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