Visual experiments – library globe

I have been working on and playing with visual experiments for some time now. During the last year I have been looking at how to tell something VERY SHORT.

This little video here is 56 seconds long which is quite short compared to videos I did some years ago. Im trying to be close, to use my senses though a lens, to master a narrative, that focuses on experiences, being in the world while filming, not outside it. Behind this attempt is an understanding of visual media as something, you can bend, change, make physical, which is in space and not outside of it, digital being analogue and the other way round without ever stopping being what it was. It sounds weird to some but to me an image is as real as a pile of dirt in my backyard.

So around this video will be the question of the devises it is shown upon, where and how these devises are used and how an image is understood – by those who use it all. One thing is that it is finished and can be re-mixed to another image in some editing software. Another thing is that it can be re-mixed and changed when shown on strange surfaces in different rooms. The image is always as it is and at the same time not the same at all. It vibrates, falls apart and is simultaneously harshly hold together.

Enjoy. There are more small videos on my youtube channel: Klaus Thestrup Mediaplay and equally strange pictures on my Instagram profile. It is the 2 of december 2016 and this Libray Guide is waiting for you.


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