Museum of Random Memory

Project Description

This is an ongoing series of performative arts-based public interventions designed to spark deep reflection about the underlying complexities of everyday digital media usage.

We explore such questions as: How ­is memory-making influenced by platforms like Google, Facebook, or basic photo management software on our computers or smartphones sort and organize our images? How do companies track us and create memories on our behalf?

Project Posts

Glitch Memory: Raising Ethical Questions

Glitch Memory: Raising Ethical Questions

At Godsbanen, we retell a woman’s story, one year after she donated her memory to MoRM. On three screens, excerpts and meta-conversations are mutated and glitched algorithmically to raise questions about data degradation and the illusion of the representational archive.

The Un-archivable and the Sound of Forgetting

The Un-archivable and the Sound of Forgetting

As we scavenged through public repositories to build the base for our sound installation, we didn’t have any trouble finding stuff. But we struggled to find ways of adequately including or representing memories that are not archived, or could never be archived.

Workshops & Exhibitions

Making Social Change Requires Academics to Take Risks

Making Social Change Requires Academics to Take Risks

Post by Annette Markham, 10 November 2020: This year illuminates many things about the power of microscopic actions and decisions on the ground among everyday people to make impact on issues and systems that are massive, overpowering, or seemingly unchangeable. Among...

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