Events, Installations, & Exhibitions

Check us out in an area near you. We’ll be touring the exhibition in different formats throughout 2018 and 2019.

Association of Internet Researchers Conference
Montréal, Canada
10-13 October 2018

Affects, Interfaces, Events
Exhibition at Godsbanen Foyer, in connection to the conference
Aarhus, Denmark
29-30 August 2018

EASST Conference 2018
Lancaster University, England
25-28 July 2018

Data Justice Conference
Cardiff, United Kingdom
22 May 2018

Cultures of Participation Conference
Aarhus University, Denmark
18-20 April 2018

MoRM Spring Retreat
Klitgaarden Refugium, Denmark
6-8 April 2018

Creating Future Memories

This page is part of Creating Future Memories, an Aarhus University funded research project exploring speculative, future-oriented, and participatory methods for citizens to understand and better control the data being produced through and around the everyday use of digital media.