Theoretical & Conceptual Background

MoRM is based on a collaboration among artists, activists, tech designers, and scholars. Here, you’ll find some pieces examining the purpose, implementation, engagement, and analysis/evaluation of MoRM.

Latest updates

The Un-archivable and the Sound of Forgetting

As we scavenged through public repositories to build the base for our sound installation, we didn’t have any trouble finding stuff. But we struggled to find ways of adequately including or representing memories that are not archived, or could never be archived.

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The Sound of Forgetting: the setup

What is the sound of absence? In MoRM’s The Sound of Forgetting, we’re creating a collaborative soundscape that dramatically embodies unseen elsewheres – evoking through sound the unheard and unseen, the departed and the deported.

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The Sound of Forgetting: an introduction to our process

May 21-22, 2018, the Museum of Random Memory’s latest installation “The Sound of Forgetting” comes to Cork as well as the Data Justice Conference in Cardiff. With some help from local DJs, we mix sound archives and participants’ voices to build soundscapes between the two sites.

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MoRM contributes to strong data literacy

MoRM exhibitions are experiments in arts+technology+pedagogy as a response to the powerful impacts of datafication and digitalization in everyday life. This report provides a project update as of January 2018.

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Creating Future Memories

This page is part of Creating Future Memories, an Aarhus University funded research project exploring speculative, future-oriented, and participatory methods for citizens to understand and better control the data being produced through and around the everyday use of digital media.