Theoretical and Conceptual Background

MoRM is based on a collaboration among artists, activists, tech designers, and scholars. The conceptual terrain informing the design, purpose, implementation, engagement, and analysis/evaluation of MoRM is therefore complicated. Here, you’ll find some pieces by various members of the collective. Together, these can be experienced as our emerging web of meaning. The overall goal is not to find a cohesive set of concepts, but to showcase the diversity of perspectives that influence the way MoRM happens as well as the diversity of ways in which MoRM can be interpreted.

Latest updates

Museum of Random Memory Working Retreat

April 6 - April 8 2018 April 6-8, 2018. Artists, activists, social scientists, architects, and information designers convene for the 2018 Museum of Random Memory Workshop in Skagen, Denmark. The goal? To bring together a unique set of trans disciplinary perspectives...

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MoRM contributes to strong data literacy

MoRM exhibitions are experiments in arts+technology+pedagogy as a response to the powerful impacts of datafication and digitalization in everyday life. This report provides a project update as of January 2018.

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The politics and ethics of curating others’ memories

Brief reflections on the power of the curation process, as it inevitably carries our own moral codes, furthering our particular ethics. The only way through this tangle is to understand that the point of all of this is not to create The Museum but to engage citizens in a process through which they can think about their own memory-making tendencies.

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Building a conceptual frame for MoRM

Our everyday lives are shot through with questions of politics and history; and now perhaps we need to rethink the Museum’s purpose as providing the space for framing and reflection of each of our relative positions to these larger questions. How, then, to refine our prompt, our approach generally, and develop the role of Museum staff, all towards greater social inquiry and political discovery?

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MoRM and Future Memory

In 2016, Museum of Random Memory was created and enacted by a group of artists, scientists, technologists, and activists who collaborated on investigating notions of material-, digital- and embodied memories at CounterPlay 2016.

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Creating Future Memories

This page is part of Creating Future Memories, an Aarhus University funded research project exploring speculative, future-oriented, and participatory methods for citizens to understand and better control the data being produced through and around the everyday use of digital media.