Exhibitions and Workshops

The Museum of Random Memory has been exhibited in festivals, conferences and other venues, across multiple countries. Explore some of our documentation on these events.

Video Clips

Key posts from 2018

Museum of Random Memory Working Retreat

April 6 - April 8 2018 April 6-8, 2018. Artists, activists, social scientists, architects, and information designers convene for the 2018 Museum of Random Memory Workshop in Skagen, Denmark. The goal? To bring together a unique set of trans disciplinary perspectives...

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Key posts from 2017

MoRM at Festival of Research 2017

Student researchers from Digital Living MA Programme designed an exhibition of the Museum of Random Memory (MoRM) highlighting its value as data literacy. Held at the Aarhus Festival of Research in April 2017.

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Remembering and Forgetting at Counterplay 2017: MoRM Returns

This participatory performance and exhibition invites you to think about the process of making memories, to play around with the idea that remembering and forgetting are not always distinct. We ask participants to contribute something they’d like to forget and walk them through a process of dis-remembering, de-archiving, and dis-preserving.

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Key posts from 2016

MoRM and Future Memory

In 2016, Museum of Random Memory was created and enacted by a group of artists, scientists, technologists, and activists who collaborated on investigating notions of material-, digital- and embodied memories at CounterPlay 2016.

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Creating Future Memories

This page is part of Creating Future Memories, an Aarhus University funded research project exploring speculative, future-oriented, and participatory methods for citizens to understand and better control the data being produced through and around the everyday use of digital media.