Future Making participates in Migratory Times

Future Making has been included as a primary participant in Migratory Times, a global initiative to discuss questions of migrations, gender, and the politics of movement. This transnational art, research and education effort brings together collaborators from Norway, United States, Denmark, South Korea, the Phillipines, and Columbia. The goal of this project, sponsored by an inaugural Abundance Foundation Out of Eden Community Arts Fellowship, is to host, in overlapping sequence, a series of exhibitions, screenings, educational events, and art and media production workshops. The main events, held outside of metropolitan centers, will emerge from research groups and learning circles engaging the experience of migrants and refugees in the different localities; the temporalities of migration; the geo-politics of human migration; and the racialized and gendered dimensions of migration.

As part of this project, Aarhus University will host the coordinator of the project, Dalida Maria Benfield. During her stay, she will work with teams of Masters level students to help them produce a series of short films exploring knowledge migration in the digital era. If you would like to collaborate, take part in, or organize one of the Danish segments of this project, please contact us with your inquiries and proposals. Contact: Dr. Dalida María Benfield dalidamariab@gmail.com or Dr. Annie Isabel Fukushima anniefukushima@gmail.com.

Read more https://futuremaking.space/institute-impossible-subjects/migratory-times/ 

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