Smart City Ethnography

This 2015 summer workshop was led by sensory anthropologist Sarah Pink, social media scholar Annette Markham, and visual aesthetics researcher Anne Marit Waade. In this PhD workshop, we studied the lived experience of Northside Music Festival

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Future Making participates in Migratory Times

Future Making has been included as a primary participant in Migratory Times, a global initiative to discuss questions of migrations, gender, and the politics of movement.

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Migratory Times

The Institute of (im)Possible Subjects is pleased to announce Migratory Times, an international art, research, and education initiative that will be our focus in 2016 and 2017.

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Decoding the Codex

Based on an understanding of the contemporary forms of the codex – decoding the codex – the group works on collective research-based practices in unfolding architectures of information and the construction of new strategies and social forms of information sharing.

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This network of researchers brings together people from industry and academia to explore how we’re building possible futures through our everyday activities of talking, researching, curating, writing, and teaching. These ‘methods’ we use to make sense of our world also shape our future, for ill or good. How can we intervene in this process, to build more sustainable, ethically sensible futures? What do we want to become? Projects and meetings within this network strive to connect practices of inquiry with larger social structures of knowledge and action.


Future Making explores creative and transgressive approaches to thinking about scientific and humanistic inquiry practices. We believe that pushing against established disciplinary, methodological, and epistemological boundaries is essential to building robust attitudes and practices within cultures that are ever more impacted by digital media, global networks of connectivity, and technological mediation.


This inter and multi-disciplinary research group is part of the Cultural Transformations Research Programme. Anyone interested in these issues is welcome to join. We have research members from multiple countries, from both academic and non-academic research contexts. To gain the most benefit, members should expect to attend at least one meeting of the research group annually.


Through a range of ongoing projects, we engage in proactive, future-oriented research that asks such questions as:

The Skagen Institute

Where are the safe spaces for playful and innovative experimentation in methodologies? How might academic institutions value innovative forms of knowledge production?

Visuality, Culture, Methods

How do we approach visuality as a topic of analysis and, in turn, how can we use incorporate the visual in the conduct of our research?

Creating future memory

How can citizens better use ethnographic and phenomenology methods to analyse their own lived experience? How can they develop tools to understand, explore, curate their own big data?

Produsing Ethics for the digital (near) future

How can academic researchers lend their intellectual strengths and energies to more directly help create better ethical futures?

Education: The day after tomorrow

How can we merge playful experimentation with educational models to foster critical thinking and digital literacies for future entrepreneurs and world citizens?

Tracing the Circulation of Communicative Objects

How do different stakeholder groups circulate digital communication objects and what are the implications for the constitution of different kinds of publics?