Produsing Ethics for the digital (near) future

How can academic researchers lend their intellectual strengths and energies to more directly help create better ethical futures?

Project Description

How can academic researchers lend their intellectual strengths and energies to more directly help create better ethical futures? This project focuses on developing conceptual frameworks as well as specific approaches for including more future-oriented or speculative elements in studies of socio-technical contexts and relations. The current goal is to shift from ‘ethics’ to ‘impact, which activates a future orientation. This project is spearheaded by Annette Markham, Professor MSO of Information Studies at Aarhus University. Collaborators include members of the AoIR Ethics Committee (2000-2015); members of Data Ethnographies Lab, a joint research venture between Aarhus University, University of Catalunya, Halmstad University, and RMIT Australia.

Primary researchers

Annette Markham

Professor MSO of Information Studies, Aarhus University

Latest Updates

Glitch Memory: Raising Ethical Questions

At Godsbanen, we retell a woman’s story, one year after she donated her memory to MoRM. On three screens, excerpts and meta-conversations are mutated and glitched algorithmically to raise questions about data degradation and the illusion of the representational archive.

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Methods as Ethics

In this talk, Annette Markham offers alternate vocabularies for talking about ethical research of sensitive topics, or in precarious situations, such as studying death or death online.

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Visual metaphors, alive classificatory systems, and ethical research

The expected thing would have been to simply assume that these young people I had been working with for several months back then were “young migrants”, young people with “special” ways being and doing because of their migrant experiences. But then, the uncomfortable questions would start arising by themselves, and overlooking those would be just dishonest.

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