Creating Future Memory

This project is designed to find and foster innovative methods for preserving digitally-mediated lived experience.
This five year project, ‘Creating Future Memories,’ is a citizen-focused effort to identify and foster ongoing and new creative methods of regaining control of the ‘big data’ we regularly produce in our everyday lives. As contemporary societies become more saturated in digital and social media, it takes time and effort to track our own data, much less curate it in ways that might make sense for our grandchildren. This international project is directed by Annette Markham as part of the larger Future Making Consortium. It is supported by the Department of Information Studies and the Cultural Transformations Research Unit at Aarhus University. Beginning in 2016, Creating Future Memories is hosting a series of experimental workshops for citizens to think about what personal data is being collected by large corporations like Google and Facebook, and how this data is archived, packaged, and recycled back to us as if it represents the totality of our lives.This five year project is designed to find and foster innovative methods for preserving digitally-mediated lived experience of 21st Century events. Using interventionist and action research research design, it addresses urgent concerns about regaining control of our future cultural histories. The project was awarded 2.5 million DKK in startup funds by the Aarhus University Research Foundation.

Latest Updates

Museum of Random Memory Working Retreat

April 6 - April 8 2018 April 6-8, 2018. Artists, activists, social scientists, architects, and information designers convene for the 2018 Museum of Random Memory Workshop in Skagen, Denmark. The goal? To bring together a unique set of trans disciplinary perspectives...

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MoRM at Festival of Research 2017

Student researchers from Digital Living MA Programme designed an exhibition of the Museum of Random Memory (MoRM) highlighting its value as data literacy. Held at the Aarhus Festival of Research in April 2017.

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Remembering and Forgetting at Counterplay 2017: MoRM Returns

This participatory performance and exhibition invites you to think about the process of making memories, to play around with the idea that remembering and forgetting are not always distinct. We ask participants to contribute something they’d like to forget and walk them through a process of dis-remembering, de-archiving, and dis-preserving.

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The politics and ethics of curating others’ memories

Brief reflections on the power of the curation process, as it inevitably carries our own moral codes, furthering our particular ethics. The only way through this tangle is to understand that the point of all of this is not to create The Museum but to engage citizens in a process through which they can think about their own memory-making tendencies.

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Building a conceptual frame for MoRM

Our everyday lives are shot through with questions of politics and history; and now perhaps we need to rethink the Museum’s purpose as providing the space for framing and reflection of each of our relative positions to these larger questions. How, then, to refine our prompt, our approach generally, and develop the role of Museum staff, all towards greater social inquiry and political discovery?

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Smart City Ethnography

This 2015 summer workshop was led by sensory anthropologist Sarah Pink, social media scholar Annette Markham, and visual aesthetics researcher Anne Marit Waade. In this PhD workshop, we studied the lived experience of Northside Music Festival

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