All the Feels

Research group

Project description

We are researchers from a range of disciplines gathered to employ different methodological approaches to explore how young people make sense of their social media use. We’re studying data gathered from 2012-2017 from youth who conducted auto-ethnographies of their own lived experience of social media. These youth have generated unique insights about their own social media experiences. Their rich and nuanced accounts offer more depth than what is typically collected through traditional qualitative methods such as interviews, surveys or media-trace content analyses. Our research goal is to explore their multimedia narrative accounts to highlight some of the ways youth define the internet, express how they feel, and live their lives in a digitally-saturated era.

Primary researchers

Annette Markham

Professor MSO of Information Studies, Aarhus University

Katrin Tiidenberg

Post doctoral researcher, Information Studies, Aarhus University

Mads Middelboe Rehder

Post doctoral researcher, Information Studies, Aarhus University

Associated Researchers

Jannek K. Sommer

Research Assistant, Department of Marketing and Management, University of Southern Denmark

Ramona-Riin Dremljuga

Research Assistant, Digital Living Research Commons, Aarhus University

Kristjan Maalt

Researcher, Digital Living, Aarhus University

Ilaria Giolo

Master in Information Studies, Digital Living, Aarhus University

Sarah Schorr

PhD Fellow, Department of Aesthetics and Communication, Aarhus University

Gabriel Pereira

PhD Fellow, Department of Information Studies and Digital Design, Aarhus University

Camilla Lindner

Freelance journalist and Master’s student, Aarhus University

Kseniia Kalugina

Research Assistant, Digital Living Research Commons, Aarhus University

Latest Updates

“Clip, Move, Adjust”: Video Editing as Reflexive Rhythmanalysis in Networked Publics

This blogpost focuses on the methodological challenges of studying the dynamics of technologically and computationally mediated publics, especially regarding young people’s experiences. The method we discuss in here is part of a larger set of qualitative methodologies developed by the authors as part of a six-year (and ongoing) study of how youth experience social media (authors). In this larger study, youth produced, among other things, videologs of their experiences, after being trained in auto-elicitation and ethnographic methods (authors). As a further step in reflexive auto-ethnographic analysis, the method we outline consists of asking participants to engage in a phenomenologically grounded analytical editing process of these videologs.

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All the Feels: making sense of Snapchat and Instagram

Given the ubiquity of networked visuals, and their importance in constructing identities, social entities (i.e. families); attributing meaning or value to different categories or phenomena (i.e. what is beautiful, feminine) – it is important we understand how visual social media is made sense of by users. How do young people make sense of their own practices on and with visual social media apps like Snapchat and Instagram?

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