/Living in/ A Methodology of Transgressiveness/

by Mar 23, 2019

Should you go to Skagen, you ask/ To go/ To not go/ To let go/ To go
where no one have gone before/ To jump down the rabbit hole/ To
live and let go/ And to be free/ To lose control/ To let go of control/
To let go, in control/ To jump and live, free from control/ To let go
and be transgressive/ To transgress/ To go in and transgress/ Where
no one has transgressed before/ To have a transgression and let
go/ But also to lose transgressiveness/ To let transgression in/ To
be transgressive in and out of control/ Think about the madness/ To
think/ Think of a transgressive methodology as an approach that
questions institutional and paradigmatic practices, opposes,
challenges, and offers alternative ways of thinking to existing
dominating ideas/ So banal/ A methodology of transgression
opposes such narrow definitions/ Such conventional mapmaking/
Forget what you think you know/ The objective is not teleological/
It’s morphological/ The idea is not to go somewhere/ There is
neither a starting point, nor an ending/ You must accept a transformative modality/ Today, you’re an other/ Tomorrow, you’ll be another/Applying transgressive methods means to caress your mind, aggressively/ In romantic affect/ In aggressive frustration/ As much as romantic frustration and aggressive affect/ To be transgressive means to start a long journey, one that does not end with the passing of days/ It means to welcome a relentless continuation/ It means to peel off a layer/ Each day/ And to regenerate others, long forgotten/ Or to Grow new ones/ Remodel, reshuffle, recategorize, reimagine/ Layers upon layers/ Make an effort not to prepare/ You might have plans before you go/ But you will make new ones once you get there/ And you will discover, that plans are not the world/ To be transgressive means to move, it means to accept that the ground you stand on is not permanent/ This is not permanent/ You are not permanent/ Words are fleeting/ And this is probably nonsense/ Who cares/ Embrace it, anyway/ Write as you go and abandon yourself, document your pain, pleasure, and doubt/ Find your center/ Find your voice/ Find the artist and let go/ Get lost in work/ But try to work to get lost/ Work to write/ Write your work/ Write/ Work/ Write/ Work/ Write/ Work/ Write/ Work/ Stop/ Turn off the power/ Start being alive and abandon the production line/ Abandon fabrication/ Let go/

Just go/


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