Museum of Random Memory Working Conference 2018

April 6 – April 8 2018

April 6-8, 2018. Artists, activists, social scientists, architects, and information designers convene for the 2018 Museum of Random Memory Workshop in Skagen, Denmark. The goal? To bring together a unique set of trans disciplinary perspectives on how public, arts-based, research-driven exhibitions can create social change. Using the 3-year old MoRM as a starting point, participants are brainstorming, producing conceptual models, building extensions of the original concept, critically analyzing the methods, and otherwise working creatively to push the project forward.

Day 1: Provocations

Day 2: Production

Day 3: Proposals

This Working Retreat solidifies the project’s commitment of bringing together diverse groups of young and experienced researchers and practitioners to critically examine and publically address the processes of memory-making in the digital and datafied era. This event is sponsored by Aarhus University’s Creating Future Memories project and CAD+SR (Center for Arts, Design, and Social Research).


Robert Ochshorn

Computer Scientist, Reduct

Ann Light

Design Researcher, University of Sussex

Kseniia Kalugina

Researcher / Consultant, DTU Copenhagen

Dalida María Benfield

Research and Program Director, Center for Arts, Design, and Social Research (CAD+SR)

Chris Bratton

Executive Director, Center for Arts, Design, and Social Research (CAD+SR)

Gabriel Pereira

PhD Fellow, Aarhus University

Anu A. Harju

Postdoctoral Researcher, University of Helsinki

Melissa Boucher

Startup Product Designer, Reduct

Justin Lacko

Architect, M.A.

Nathalia Novais

Researcher, Aarhus University

Mórna O’Connor

Doctoral Candidate, University of Nottingham

Andrew Sempere

Digital Scenographer and Software Developer, Performant Software

Sarah Schorr

Researcher and Artist

Ramona Dremljuga

Researcher, Baltic Film, Media, Arts and Communication School (Tallinn University)

Annette Markham

Professor MSO, Information Studies, Aarhus University


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